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12 March 2017 @ 09:27 pm
stuff done: Friday-Sunday  
1. Made my weekly Facebook update and spent about half an hour checking up on what my non-fannish friends and acquaintances have been up to. I think this was a good resolution -- I do feel more connected to them, and limiting Facebook use to those once-weekly posts (and maybe two random log-ins during the week to respond to any responses) keeps me from screaming in frustrated rage over Facebook's mind-bogglingly infuriating and anti-helpful user interface, to say nothing of the incessant ads.

2. Paid my monthly internet bill.

3. Planned something I hope to cook on Thursday night (or maybe next Saturday, depending on timing) and added the relevant supplies to my grocery list.

4. Thawed my remaining tilapia fillets.

5. Facilitated youth group -- which was not exactly difficult, since only two kids showed up today. (I blame daylight saving time and the cold snap.) They agreed that the lock-in had gone well, and expressed enthusiasm for doing something else with Oneonta in May or June. I also performed surgery on our pillar candle, which had been serving as a base/holder for tealight candles rather than a candle in its own right... but we ran out of tealights, so I figured I'd try to unearth the pillar candle's own wick, and was successful in my quest. \o/ I take my small victories where I can get them. *wry*

6. Bought cheddar chive sourdough bread from CTB, because I deserve nice things.

7. Changed linens.


9. Took a shower upon getting up from my nap (both to help wake myself up, and because my legs were kind of achy) after which I cut my fingernails.

10. Washed laundry. Dried laundry. Folded laundry. Put some laundry away. (I will put away the rest tomorrow or Tuesday, or possibly both days, in stages.)

11. Made my Stewardship calls. I got a bunch of answering machines, spoke to a few people in person, and was unable to contact several people at all because their phone numbers either weren't working, thought that 'all circuits are busy,' or had been reassigned to somebody else, whoops. Anyway, all my assigned people have now been verbally invited to our dinner on Saturday.

Speaking of that dinner, I have volunteered to do clean-up afterwards, and also to bring some brownies for dessert. We'll probably figure out transportation at this coming Thursday's meeting, since there is no way I can get to the venue on foot. (I could maybe take a bus most of the way, but I'd need to check that out with TCAT and Google Maps.)

12. Took recycling bins to the curb for pickup.

13. Collected trash from my wastebaskets into a single bag, which I tied and took out to my trash bin. (I did NOT take the bin to the curb, since it's not remotely full yet.)

14. Baked my last set of tilapia fillets.

15. Steamed broccoli that I bought on Thursday. A bit of the center of the crown had started to develop mold, so I threw those sections straight into the compost, but the rest was still fine.

16. Took kitchen compost to the backyard bin.

17. Spent about 10 minutes organizing my photos of the rental office decorative heart display.

18. Continued editing "Second Chances," which is still not done but... maybe by Wednesday?

19. Continued dialogue with Susan to narrow down what she wants for her extremely belated gift story.

20. Trimmed some dead stem sections from my jade plant, and put the still living parts (which had been attempting to grow new roots, except they were not anywhere near dirt so that wasn't doing them a lot of good) into the soil, where hopefully their rooting attempts will be more successful.

21. Planted my squash seeds. I will take photos of them tomorrow, for whatever photos of bare soil in small plastic applesauce cups are worth. *wry*

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