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19 March 2017 @ 11:15 pm
stuff done: Friday-Sunday  
1. Wrote a tiny story (742 words) as an entry in the 2017 John Mosedale creative writing contest, which is run by the Loon (the annual newsletter/directory of the Star Island Protective League). I then ran it past Vicky for approval, since although the starting inspiration was my recent obsession with maybe purchasing a tiny fruit tree for my kitchen, it then veered into some stuff drawn from conversations I've had with her this past year, and I didn't want to just throw that out for anyone to read if she'd be uncomfortable with that. But she said it was cool, so I submitted it.

2. Shoveled my front steps and sidewalk AGAIN, because when I got home from work on Friday they were buried under a foot and a half of snow and ice, which had taken advantage of the lovely sunny afternoon to depart the roof en masse.

3. Baked brownies!

4. Helped Miss Cactus decorate the rental office counter for spring:

paper flowers and leaves on a black background . paper flowers and leaves on a black background

The leaves are leftover shamrocks from our St. Patrick's Day display, which I did not bother to photograph since it was not terribly exciting. Miss Cactus and I reused them rather than cut out entirely new leaves to go with the flowers. Most of the flowers are colored paper with a bit of Sharpie marker in the centers to make them look a bit livelier and less monochrome, but a few were printed on white paper and given unique coloring jobs, because we could and because arts and crafts are fun. :)

[[original Tumblr post, for when the embedded images inevitably break]]

5. Attended the Stewardship dinner, up on South Hill. Everything went well: the food was delicious, people seemed to have a good time, and we got two dozen pledges out of the night (plus several more people pledging in church Sunday morning). I stuck around to help clean up afterward, which involved a lot of scrubbing industrial-sized cookware.

6. Facilitated youth group on Sunday morning, which ended up mostly being standing around in the RE kitchen eating reheated pizza slices, because reasons. *wry*

7. Changed linens.


9. Shoveled my back porch and steps, so as to have a clear path to the communal compost bin.

10. Relatedly, took several pictures of the deterioration of my screen door (for documentation purposes) and texted Landlord Dude to inform him that it's falling apart (as is its frame) and ask him to please fix the thing. He texted back 'Ok,' which does not provide a time frame for repairs but is at least an acknowledgment of the problem. I'll poke him again in a week if he hasn't done anything by then.

11. Made my weekly Facebook update and checked in on people's lives.

12. Made cheesy spinach rolls for dinner.

13. Took resulting compost to the backyard bin.

And now I think I will go to bed, because I am kind of brain-fried for no identifiable reason, and I figure sleep is more likely to help than staying up for another hour and trying to force myself into being productive.

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