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03 June 2017 @ 07:46 pm
stuff done: Saturday-Friday  
1. Baked brownies for church coffee hour. Took them in to church.

2. Coffee hour clean-up. Over the past few years, I seem to have become the 'old hand' at this particular task -- probably because every time my hospitality team is up, I volunteer for it all four Sundays -- and I end up sort of haphazardly training a bunch of more sporadic volunteers how to run the sterilizer and where to roll up the vinyl tablecloths and stuff. I like feeling useful. :)

3. Washed two-thirds of my curtains, as well as my comforter and winter coat. I still have one load of curtains left, which I will hopefully get done tomorrow along with my regular biweekly laundry.

4. Changed linens.

5. Made a tray of ice cubes.

6. Wrote and posted a tiny [community profile] genprompt_bingo ficlet: Into the Rift.

7. Photographed my vegetables and made my weekly gardening update post.

8. Made a Facebook update. (I forgot about that last week, whoops.)

9. Finished In the Labyrinth of Drakes, by Marie Brennan. I continue to enjoy the Memoirs of Lady Trent series a lot, though you wouldn't be able to guess from my glacial reading pace. (I keep getting distracted by other things, alas! But I have started book 5 -- Within the Sanctuary of Wings -- and hope to finish that either Sunday or Monday.)

10. Returned four library books.

11. Made another batch of eggshell and coffee grounds soil supplement and added it to my vegetables.

12. Arranged phone dates with Vicky, Cat, and Susan. (I have not actually made the calls yet; that will happen Sunday and Monday.)

13. Attended my church's annual meeting, where we:

A) voted on the 2017-18 budget

B) elected people to the Board of Trustees and the Nominating Committee

C) voted on various proposed changes to our bylaws (which are, frankly, screwy -- they were written less as general guidelines and more as ultra-nitpicky sets of rules that weren't even internally consistent -- and which we have been rationalizing in bits and pieces for several years now)

D) voted on whether to adopt a covenant

E) voted on whether to issue a congregational statement of support for a New York state single-payer health care system proposal currently up for consideration in the state senate.

The budget passed (an attempted amendment to it did not), the bylaw changes passed (one attempted amendment was rejected as something that needs more study in the fall; another passed because it caught an error that had been overlooked in the editing process), the covenant was adopted (albeit with reservations on various parts), and despite a completely valid technical objection (namely, that we don't HAVE a procedure for issuing congregational statements about political issues and therefore shouldn't issue any such statements until we create one) the health care statement also passed.

I then stuck around to help clean up (there was a dinner attached to the meeting, you see) since nobody seemed to have organized an official clean-up crew and, well, that's something I know how to do! So I did it. *wry*

14. Watered my houseplants.

15. Got cash for laundry; converted a bunch of it into quarters.

16. Bought groceries.

17. Boiled eight eggs.

18. Responded to a bunch of emails. My inbox is not totally cleared out, but it's a lot less cluttered now. :)

19. Bought a bottle of wart remover (salicylic acid) because upon close investigation, I was pretty sure the weird spot on the bottom of my right big toe is a plantar wart rather than a callus. Judging by the way the area is responding to the first few days of acid application, I think I was right.

20. Trimmed my toenails.

21. Snipped Hovera (a squash seedling) at its base so that Azer (its container-mate) could live and flourish.


I have also been kind of busy at work, since this is the time of year when students are leaving town (and thus vacating their apartments), and that generates a bunch of paperwork and ancillary organizational stuff -- particularly since it's also the due date for a whole bunch of quarterly rent payments for 2017-18 leases. We are also switching to a new key-logging system, which creates a minor extra layer of confusion when you have to figure out whether a summer subtenant should pick up their keys under the 2016-17 system (manual) or the 2017-18 system (digital).

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