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06 June 2017 @ 12:08 am
stuff done: Saturday-Monday  
1. Started making paper fruit for a new counter display at the rental office -- by which I mean I chose line art from online, copypasted it into Word documents (and resized and tweaked until I had about six iterations per page), and printed it out on colored paper. Miss Cactus already started cutting some of them out and adding detail with thin-point Sharpie pens. I am not sure whether I will arrive on Tuesday to a finished display, or whether I will get to do some cutting and coloring myself during any slow periods.

2. Acquired a new houseplant. See, a tenant couldn't bring the plant with them to their new apartment, but felt bad throwing a living thing away, so they brought it to the office and asked if we wanted it. I said yes. I then transplanted it from the dinky plastic store pot into the slightly larger ceramic pot the tenant had been using purely as decoration because apparently transplanting is hard. *sigh* Anyway, hopefully I will manage not to kill it.

3. Put three nails into one side of my oldest bookcase, to hold parts of my paperclip collection. (Context: I string paperclips in chains of ten onto keyrings, 25 chains per ring, and then hang them up for display. All the paperclips must be 'found' items -- I can't purposely buy them -- which is why it has taken me literally twenty years to collect a thousand paperclips. Well. A thousand and three, as of Saturday.)

4. Changed linens.


6. Washed my living room and bedroom curtains, which I'd avoided doing last weekend because I knew they would be a pain in the neck to take down and put up. And they were indeed a pain in the neck. I had to maneuver a bunch of furniture out of the way in order to get my stepladder into position, and even then I had to stand on tiptoes in order to reach the curtain rods.

Additionally, I VERY BADLY want to replace the curtain rod on my bedroom window, because whoever installed that had less than no clue what they were doing. Like, they took a rod that needs brackets, and instead of installing brackets, they just hammed a nail into each side of the window, and then crumpled the rod around the nails with pliers so you can't remove the curtains without removing the nails. I had to hammer it back into place and I'm not at all sure how long the nail will hold now that it's been disturbed so thoroughly.

So I guess that is my project for the next time my dad visits!

7. Called Susan and caught up for an hour or so. :)

8. Called Cat and caught up for an hour or so. :)

We have tentatively planned to all three get together in NJ on August 5th and do some kind of activity, possibly involving ice cream sundaes since it's in the general vicinity of Susan's birthday.

9. Wandered around the Ithaca Festival for an hour or so, and purchased some delicious baked goods (zucchini raisin bread, miniature strawberry rhubarb pie, snickerdoodles) from Grandma Hertzler's Bakery which had a stand on the Commons.

10. Planted some baby spider plants that had grown roots, and snipped another trio to stick in water for a couple months.

11. Took recycling bins to the curb for pickup.

12. Photographed my vegetables and made my weekly gardening update post.

13. Made my weekly Facebook post.

14. Bought yard waste tags from City Hall.

15. On my way back from City Hall, I ran into Landlord Dude who asked me if I wanted the lilac bush trimmed. I said yes -- I do like it to cover a little of my front window, but it is currently almost 2/3 of the way up the window (and remember, I have BIG windows!) which is frankly kind of ridiculous. So he's going to trim it sometime this month, probably when he's also trimming the front hedges.

16. Emailed the DRE about setting up a meeting to chat about youth group plans for the coming year. She is checking her schedule and will get back to me.

17. Called TC3 to ask who I should speak to about my best way to finish an AA degree. It turns out that they won't let me talk to a counselor until after I've A) applied for enrollment and B) sent them copies of my past transcripts, even though I have been a student there in the past.

Bureaucracy is strange. O_o

But anyway, I guess those are things I will try to get rolling later this week.

18. Called Vicky and caught up for an hour or so. :)

19. Chopped onions, summer squash, and a large bell pepper and made a batch of veggie sidedish. Tomorrow I intend to bake some chicken.

All in all, I think it was a fairly productive weekend.

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