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09 June 2017 @ 12:06 am
stuff done: Tuesday-Thursday  
1. Took communal compost bin to the curb for pickup. (I seem to be the only person in both houses who remembers to do this. I am not exactly complaining about that, but I do wonder who, if anyone, would step up to the plate if I weren't here.)

2. Sliced two chicken thighs and baked them in balsamic dressing.

3. Began summer apartment photographs and turnover inspections at work, which is interesting.

4. Called my dentist to ask when I would be billed for my May 15th appointment. Apparently the office manager has returned and sent all the outstanding bills earlier this week, so I should receive mine on Friday. It's not that I especially WANT another bill, but I was even less happy about the prospect of an unknown bill hanging over my head indefinitely.

5. Bought a zester/grater at Target.

6. Saw Wonder Woman, which I enjoyed a lot! Quick impression: it is not a perfect movie (what movie is?). The flaws I noticed most were that it's exposition-heavy at the start, the final battle is a little too CGI, the logistics of sailing from Themiscyra to London fall completely to pieces if you think about them for more than about thirty seconds (though... fic opportunity? Diana and Steve bonding on a long ocean voyage? or does Themiscyra's barrier actually let people out in different places from where they came in?), and the overuse of slow-mo during fight scenes. (Like, I am here to watch a fight, not to watch a series of cool poses interspersed with a fight.) But I forgive it all of those and would forgive a dozen more because DIANA. ♥♥♥

I love how utterly direct she is (and this even after spending significant portions of her childhood sneaking around to learn fighting behind her mother's back): she has a goal and she takes the clearest path to get there (and this is, as with the best character traits, both her strength AND her weakness). I love how the film never loses sight of either her compassion or her passion. She is a warrior who fights for peace, and when you see that in practice it stops sounding like an oxymoron.

The pseudo-mythology is a little painful in that it is really not how Greek religion worked, but A) Ares-as-villain is long-standing comics canon, and B) pop culture mangles every religion it touches, so this is basically par for the course. *sigh* Anyway, Ares as portrayed here makes a very good philosophical opponent for Diana, because he's more than a one-note warmonger, and in fact comes uncomfortably close to persuading her because he is not, in fact, lying. (He's just not telling the entire truth, which is not quite the same thing.)

Also Diana throws a tank across a town square. I mean, how can you not love a movie with that as part of a set-piece battle scene? ♥

7. Bought groceries.

8. Paid my monthly internet bill.

9. Recharged my bus pass.

10. Cooked the first of three Blue Apron meals. More details in this post (poll and general comments) and also this post (pictures and recipe).

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