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07 March 2019 @ 09:25 pm
2 things: stuff about work, stuff about food  
I had Tuesday off this week, which was lovely. Then on Wednesday I was only at Not the IRS for four hours, during which I only had one client -- but he's a good client and buys some of our ancillary products so that was also lovely.

And then today it was back to a full-length 9am-7pm day at the rental office. *sigh* I got there two minutes late, actually, because my bus failed to appear and I had to catch a #21 instead, and that takes Stewart Ave. instead of going through Collegetown, which meant I had to walk up the steepest bit of East Hill from the bus stop to the office. Not fun in ~19F weather; my lungs complained at me for nearly half an hour over the deep breaths of cold air I gulped straight down my throat instead of filtering them through my nose for a minimal gesture at warmth.

After that the morning was pretty slow, but the afternoon got a bit crowded. I took an incoming grad student and his mother on a tour and successfully talked them into renting the apartment I picked for them (after an... interesting... digression on the mom's part about the medical dangers of living too close to cell phone towers *headdesk*), and then it was just a lot of paperwork and email plus another tour later in the afternoon. Cornell's dorm lottery is going on this week and next week, so we're expecting an uptick in people suddenly looking for off-campus housing.


I've been on a fishstick/fish patty kick lately, for unknown reasons, so my dinners have been basically breaded fish plus vegetable of the day -- which is either steamed broccoli or my patented veggie sidedish blend, because I am not an enthusiastic cook and will almost invariably go for whatever is simplest that still reads as food to me. A month or two ago I was on a cheese-and-spinach ravioli kick, with the same general vegetable accompaniment. I find this kind of meal a useful compromise between actually cooking fresh food and letting big food processing companies take care of the fiddly bits (and flavoring!) for me.

On Tuesday I made a batch of veggie sidedish (bell pepper, onion, summer squash, one packet of Lipton Recipe Secret herb & garlic blend, cumin to taste (~2 tsp?), chili powder to taste (~1/2 to 1 tsp?), some black pepper (~1/4 tsp?), and a cube of chicken bouillon dissolved in a bit of hot water) only I used up one of my leftover zucchini from the wine tasting in place of the yellow squash. Tonight I am making another batch -- this one's a bit larger than usual, since I needed to use up a pepper that had gone partially moldy so I filled in with a second pepper and then just upped the squash and onion to match.

I still have one zucchini left, which I think I will either stir-fry with some onion or perhaps slice and roast in the oven with a bit of olive oil and salt. Maybe seasoned salt? I think I have some seasoned salt that Mom gave me a while back and which I've never had any use for...

But that's tomorrow's problem. I will leave it for tomorrow's me to resolve. *wry*

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