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wherein Liz has a very full day

Today was busy!

I got up early in order to help set up for our Stewardship campaign kickoff event at church. About halfway through my walk to church, I realized my left foot felt very wet, and when I checked, it turned out that the sole had developed a crack across the entire width of my shoe. By the time I reached church, my sock was so wet I literally had to wring it out. :( Fortunately I had a replacement pair ready and waiting at home, but that didn't help much in the moment.

Anyway, this year our campaign theme is "Share the Flame" (of generosity, of caring, etc.) so we did a 'campfire' lunch, complete with some hay bale benches and Sterno cans over which to toast marshmallows for s'mores. The main food was chili (over rice, with cornbread, or both). I helped set up a bunch of stuff before the service, was one of the first people to get up and take my pledge card down the aisle during the service (because one leads by example), and then was in charge of dishing up the vegan chili while another Stewardship team member dished up the beef chili in the lunch serving line.

I skipped out at 12:30 when Mom texted me that she'd arrived in Ithaca. We then spent a couple hours on a shopping quest. First we went to Target where Mom was looking to buy a specific kind of wristwatch. As long as we were there, I figured I'd look for a new belt (my current one is getting pretty beat-up) and we each ended up purchasing a shirt. Then we went to Agway in search of a flower pot (for her) and stakes and/or fence-posts (for me). We found the flower pot, but alas, no posts; instead, I bought a bag of small gravel for houseplant drainage and some LED lightbulbs. Then, after a brief detour to Tops for gas (Mom) and cranberry-pomegranate juice (me), we hit up Home Depot where my fence-post quest was successful! I now have six five-foot metal posts with little hooks at periodic intervals, plus some garden twine, which I'm going to use to corral the raspberries this spring and summer. \o/

After the shopping quest, we went to a Finger Lakes Chamber Ensemble concert, which was the main point of the visit. It was all Beethoven, and all lovely. :)

We grabbed some McDonald's for dinner and Mom headed back south to NJ. I decided not to do laundry tonight because it had started raining again, but I still changed all my linens, took out the recycling, and prepped everything so when I get home from work tomorrow I can turn around and get the laundry started within five minutes. I also had a 90-minute phone call with Cat, which is always enjoyable. It's nice to keep in touch with friends. :D

And now I think I'm going to bed, because I didn't get enough sleep last night (ugh, Daylight Saving) and I'm too tired to get any productive writing or reading done tonight.

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