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16 March 2019 @ 07:46 pm
stuff about stuff  
Miss Goldberry has left the rental company to go on a cross-country road trip before starting a one-year accelerated nursing program. That is pretty cool, and I wish her the best of luck! We have also hired a replacement (who I think has been working as a hotel receptionist), but I'm not sure if she starts this coming week or the one after, since she has to transition out of her old job.

I will give her a nickname in due time, I'm sure.

The immediate upshot of this, of course, is that I was alone in the office today. That was all right; it was a pretty slow day. I rented two studios, fielded various phone and email inquiries, answered a bunch of questions about rent payments, and took two people on a scheduled apartment tour, as well as doing some general... whatever the electronic equivalent of filing is. Checking payment status on accounts, sending reminder emails, updating spreadsheets, etc.

It was pretty chill. :)


I got a tiny bit of writing done this afternoon. I have decided that my new writing goal is, as per that Tumblr post that goes around periodically, to write three sentences every day. That's the minimum. If I write more, great! If they're stupidly short sentences, such that my daily progress is under twenty words? Whatever. Progress is progress.

I have found that giving myself wordcount targets doesn't work, no matter how minimal they are. Telling myself to just write "something" doesn't work very well either (though it's less useless than the wordcount goals). So I figure I'll try this method and see if it strikes a balance between "too hard, why bother" and "too vague, why bother."

So. Today I wrote eight sentences. Granted, three of them were single words and one was only three words long (look, dialogue and internal monologue are just like that), but even so, that is a heck of a lot more than nothing.


Before work, I got a haircut. I really should have done that one or two weeks ago -- it was getting kind of shaggy -- but life happens and it hadn't gotten completely overgrown, so eh. Also, while I wasn't first in line, I was second which meant I got out in time to catch my regular bus up the hill and therefore had time to wash out all the little hair snippet residue in the office sink before I opened. (The glory of really short hair is that I can do that and it will dry in under ten minutes, especially if I pat it down a bit with some paper towel.)


This evening I got around to sorting through a bunch of mail that had been collecting in my front room over the course of the week -- in summary, it was 80% junk -- and either tonight or tomorrow I will pay my health insurance and my rent. (I already paid my credit card bills.) It's a little early to pay rent, since Landlord Dude will just sit on the check until a few days into April and that screws up my mental accounting... but I have the money at the moment (March is a three-paycheck month this year) and I do like to get things done so they stop nagging at the edges of my mind.


There are snowdrops blooming on Tioga Street. I passed them on my walk home. :D

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