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20 March 2019 @ 03:41 pm
first day of spring!  
Days when I work afternoon-to-evening are always weird, because I have all this time in the morning (and sometimes early afternoon) but I never want to commit to a really big project because what if it runs long and I have to bail in the middle in order to get to work on time?

Anyway, this morning I dealt with some paperwork, wrote a few sentences on another prompt!ficlet, prepped for some evening cooking projects, and belatedly realized that I'd kept saying that I'd plant my peppers "soon" but had not gotten around to actually doing so for nearly three weeks. Whoops!

So I now have 18 pepper seeds on my kitchen table, safely planted in their little peat cylinders in my dinky plastic "greenhouse". I've also double-checked the instructions on the mixed veggie seed kit Susan got me for my birthday (and made some preliminary decisions about where to put the seedlings once they sprout) and I think those will all be better off waiting until mid-April or so -- or even early May in a couple cases.

Now I'm at Not the IRS where I will kill time until 8pm (and then buy groceries), unless I get a walk-in client or two. I had a walk-in yesterday morning, and this is the time of year when people start realizing they haven't gotten around to their taxes (...just like me with my peppers *headdesk*), so there's probably a 50-50 chance.

Which means, I guess, that I shouldn't get too wrapped up in any writing project while I'm here, because what if I have to bail in the middle of capturing a tricky thought or phrase? *wry*

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