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22 March 2005 @ 03:37 pm
entirely askerian's fault  
So Asuka said something about Yukiko living and Sasuke getting dumped into her apartment building a couple years later, and I've had time to kill during the training session...

Note, 3/4/06: This has been written over by the real "Guardian," which you can find in the rough version with comments here on my livejournal, or in the cleaner version here on ff.net.

The Guardian in Spite of Herself

The Uchiha clan didn't impinge much on Ayakawa Yukiko's life.

She was vaguely aware that Naruto had an Uchiha in his academy class -- the kid complained a lot about jerks who thought they were the greatest thing ever -- but beyond reassuring Naruto that yes, even geniuses with powerful bloodline limits could be defeated, she didn't pay much attention. Naga dropped by now and then to gripe about Uchiha Tsukime, her default partner on most chuunin missions, but the two girls were slowly getting to be friends and Naga didn't care about Tsukime's family background anyway. Yukiko herself only called the Uchiha clan if there was a problem in her neighborhood or building that she couldn't sort out herself; they came, asked a few questions, wrote up a bill, and quietly removed the disturbance.

Then Uchiha Itachi removed his clan.

In one night, a boy not yet fifteen years old murdered over a hundred people, including his own parents. A few scattered clan members were away on missions, but Itachi had been an Anbu captain. He had access to mission records, and nobody wasted a second hoping that he hadn't thought to look at them.

Oddly enough, Itachi left one survivor -- his own brother, Sasuke.

Sasuke, who'd seen his parents murdered in front of him. Sasuke, who had nowhere to live but the very house in which his family had died. Sasuke, who just happened to be Naruto's age and in the same class at the ninja academy...

Sarutobi Hokage-sama paused in his explanation of events. "You seem upset with me."

"I'm upset about what you're leading up to," Yukiko said, folding her arms. "Just because Naruto and I get along doesn't mean I'm going to start taking in orphans right and left. I do run a business, you know, and I'm away on missions at least every other month."

Sarutobi-sama steepled his fingers and frowned across his desk at Yukiko. "Yukiko-san, I think you misunderstand me. Many families would be happy to take Sasuke into their homes; however, I doubt he wishes to be reminded of his own family. It will be much easier to talk him into renting an apartment.

"But -- and this is very important, Yukiko-san -- he should not be left totally on his own, no matter how much he'd like to be. Even if you don't take an active role in his life, I'm sure Naruto will."

Yukiko pictured that: a solitary, prickly, unstable boy... and Naruto. Who had a good heart and usually meant well, but who had never, despite all her efforts, learned more than the most rudimentary social skills. Who had no sympathy for others' problems, since he dealt just fine with his own. And who already seemed to dislike this Sasuke.

She winced.

"I really don't think this is a good idea, Sarutobi-sama."

"Nonsense," he said, looking away and lighting his pipe. "They're good children, and you won't ever need to be directly involved. What could possibly go wrong?"

Yukiko bit her tongue, counted to twenty, and carefully didn't accuse the Third Hokage of lying. "Right. Send him around tomorrow morning and I'll let him choose an apartment."

Asuka Kureru: Sasuke_Itachi_GothEmoaskerian on March 22nd, 2005 09:32 pm (UTC)
EEEEE OMG I LOVE YOU!!!! *tackleravishes*

they came, asked a few questions, wrote up a bill, and quietly removed the disturbance.

Then Uchiha Itachi removed his clan.

Woooh. Love that sentence. woohoo. And the allusion to numerous and well-known Uchiha members. woohoo.

What could possibly go wrong?"

you'd think by now he would have known not to call on the Powers of Worse. Hello, Murphy.

Oh, I'll love you forever. I want more. moremoremore. yay for prickly kids trying to tolerate each other. *^o^*
Elizabeth Culmer, only a *little* bit crazy...edenfalling on March 22nd, 2005 11:24 pm (UTC)
I think perhaps I shall experiment with multiple POVs. Sasuke should be next.

*imagines traumatizedkidlet!Sasuke apartment hunting*

This could be interesting... but I should really finish 'Apartment Manager' first. *determinedly ignores plot bunnies*
red wolf: wisdomredwolf on March 23rd, 2005 03:33 am (UTC)
What could possibly go wrong?

And isn't that a nasty way of dumped the problem in her lap. Loved it.
Elizabeth Culmer, only a *little* bit crazy...edenfalling on March 23rd, 2005 03:06 pm (UTC)
Yep. And things will indeed go wrong.
kayokokayoko on June 22nd, 2005 12:16 am (UTC)

I can see it! XD Naruto trying to sabotoge Sasuke's apartment (turning Sasuke's white pants pink or something like that) and *sighs happily*

*dances around happily*

*showers author with love*