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Elizabeth Culmer, only a *little* bit crazy...
05 January 2018 @ 11:39 pm
I had my first shift at Not the IRS this afternoon, which consisted mostly of sitting around chatting with some coworkers, reading a book, and writing a three-sentence ficlet. I did schedule an appointment for somebody who'd gotten a letter from the IRS and wanted advice, but that's hardly what I'd call serious work. But you know, if the company wants to pay me to kill time for four hours, I'm not going to say no. *wry*

I am pleased that I figured out which route #30 buses turn into route #17 buses downtown and thus take me to within two blocks of my house instead of leaving me with a one-mile walk in frigid, windy darkness. Yay for being able to read schedules! I think I have also figured out a route-changing bus (#72 that becomes a #15) to catch tomorrow afternoon that will take me directly from Collegetown to the valley office of Not the IRS, where I have a mandatory paid training session. I'm still working out how to then get home with the minimum time spent outside.

Unfortunately there is no way around walking a mile into town tomorrow morning to catch the bus up to Collegetown. I will just have to dress extra warmly, walk fast, and do my best not to freeze. *sigh*

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