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Elizabeth Culmer, only a *little* bit crazy...
Thing done today:

I went to a wine tasting! This is an annual event hosted by some people from my church, to which they sell tickets at the service auction every fall. I bought a ticket for this year's event because A) getting out of the house and socializing is good for my mental and emotional health, and B) I like to sprinkle some planned Nice Events through tax season to remind myself that things other than work do still exist.

I also made an appetizer to bring to the tasting, which I think came out pretty well. It is this baked and breaded zucchini strip recipe. If I ever do that again, I am increasing the garlic by A LOT (as well as the salt and pepper, and maybe even the oregano), and also I am going to experiment with different methods of getting the dry ingredient mix onto the goopy zucchini strips, because by the time I was getting the end my dry mix was gunked up by drips from the previous strips, and therefore did not spread nearly as evenly as I wanted.

Also I'd up the oven temperature and increase the base baking time to 20 minutes. 15 minutes at 400F just did not cut it. (...Okay, to be fair that might be because I had two trays going at once. That does make a difference. But I'd still up the temperature to 425-ish.)


Other thing done today:

I did one last editing pass on "Guardian" chapter 17 and posted the revised final version to AO3 (and to ff.net). \o/


Other other thing done today:

A Girl Scout and her dad had set up a table at the intersection of Dryden Rd. and College Ave. this afternoon, which I noticed when I was taking a tour group to see some studio apartments. They asked if I wanted to buy cookies, and I said not now but I'd be back on my lunch break! Which I then made good on as soon as the tour was over. :)

I bought three boxes of Thin Mints and one box of Trefoils, because Thin Mints are the best and even bland-ish shortbread is still shortbread. Delicious cookie bounty is mine, mwahahahaha!!!

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