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Elizabeth Culmer, only a *little* bit crazy...
04 June 2019 @ 09:17 pm
Quick life recap of the past few days? Yes? I think yes.

So my parents did a flying visit from about 2pm on Sunday to 9am on Monday, en route from New Jersey to Minnesota. Going via Ithaca is clearly a detour, but the idea was for us to collectively go to a Finger Lakes Chamber Ensemble concert in Lodi, and then do dinner and breakfast, which is what we duly did. (Dinner at Dano's Heuriger on Seneca Lake, breakfast at the Lincoln Street Diner right next to my laundromat.) I also took advantage of their car to buy more potting soil, they took advantage of my grocery store discount card to buy cheaper gas, and we exchanged some plants -- I gave Mom a tomato and my four herbs; she gave me two houseplants that absolutely and unequivocally cannot survive four weeks without being watered and my task is to keep them alive until she returns to collect them in July.

Sunday morning was also the final week for my hospitality team until September; summer services are handled differently, though I may well end up volunteering to bring snacks and wash dishes anyway, because I find those particular tasks very easy and community participation is important. :)

I also did a brief walk-through of the Ithaca festival after church, where I bought a pair of earrings I hadn't been able to get out of my head after seeing them Saturday evening. (Oh right, I did a somewhat longer festival walk-through on Saturday evening after I closed the office and walked down East Hill. For reference, this is the Etsy shop of the jewelry designer I couldn't stop thinking about. Her Etsy selection is only maybe a quarter of what she had on display at her stand, but it gives a good general feel for her aesthetic. The ones I bought are like this, only with circles instead of feather shapes. I was also very enamored of these steampunk earrings, but alas, I could only afford one pair and I liked the others just a little more.)

On Monday I did laundry and a bit of garden weeding.

Today I was at work from 9am to 6pm, and spent the first couple hours catching up on things that didn't get done Monday because, obviously, I was not in the office. Then I had time to work on some new stuff, like photographs of electric meters to send to NYSEG as part of switching off various tenants' accounts (since they have moved out), and sending in the rest of the June NYSEG requests to create new accounts for incoming tenants.

I vaguely intended to pot my pepper seedlings tonight, but I decided to switch that to tomorrow. What I did instead was fold the laundry that had been air-drying overnight, make a packing list for my upcoming vacation, and haul down my suitcase and start gathering a handful of items to put into it. I figure that's enough for one evening. *wry*

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