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Elizabeth Culmer, only a *little* bit crazy...
08 June 2019 @ 01:32 pm
Quick life update!

Today I leave on vacation -- heading to Minnesota. The plan is to spend two and a half days in the Twin Cities with Nick, and then drive up to the cabin Tuesday afternoon. I will return home on Wednesday the 19th.

I am about 90% packed, and the remnants are really just my electronics (laptop, phone, associated peripherals) and the cash and gum I intend to pick up on my way into town to catch a bus to the airport. It's a little weird to be taking a bus there in the afternoon instead of waiting for a taxi at the asscrack of dawn, but I can't say I mind the chance to be a bit more relaxed about my packing schedule. *wry*

Anyway, I transplanted all my peppers this week, and I will try to get my latest batch of gardening photos up on Tumblr tonight or tomorrow. I have asked my upstairs neighbors to keep an eye on my back porch garden in case Ithaca unexpectedly gets no rain in the next ten days. I have cleaned my bathroom just because it's nice to come home to a clean apartment.

Now I am preparing lunch, and I intend to walk out the door at 3:00pm.

Wish me safe travels!

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