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Elizabeth Culmer, only a *little* bit crazy...
12 June 2019 @ 05:42 pm
Things and stuff:

Nick and I drove up to the cabin yesterday. The drive itself was frustrating twice over -- first we got stalled and then detoured by a nasty car crash right around the 610 to I-94 interchange, and then we got pinned down by a hailstorm that just mushroomed out of nowhere and poured down the wrath of the heavens for about twenty minutes. But we got here in the end, and had a nice (late!) dinner with our parents.

Today I have deliberately been doing nothing -- well, other than some reading -- which is something I have badly needed an opportunity to indulge in. I have done nothing in my room, downstairs on a couch, and briefly down on the dock in the sun and fresh air. Unfortunately this evening is not going quite to plan, since Nick unexpectedly had to return to the Twin Cities to deal with a medical insurance thing. Mom and Dad will be attending a church finance committee meeting via Zoom, so we'll be eating late again.

So far on this vacation I have read Proper English by K. J. Charles (Edwardian lesbian romance set against the backdrop of an English country manor murder mystery, very fun), Summer in Orcus by T. Kingfisher aka Ursula Vernon (unconventional portal fantasy), and The Door Into Fire and The Door Into Shadow by Diane Duane (first two books of the Tale of the Five, which is... uh... high-ish fantasy (disinherited royalty, magic, quests, dragons, elemental spirits, battles to save the world, etc.) in a weirdly science-inflected world where everyone is sort of background pan and poly, might be the best way to put it?). I have also continued slowly plonking my way through a biography of Isabella of Castille, which is very interesting but I can only seem to read about one chapter at a time before I have to go do something else. *hands*

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