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Elizabeth Culmer, only a *little* bit crazy...
17 June 2019 @ 10:49 pm
Quick update:

Saturday we had blueberry-cranberry muffins and soft-boiled eggs for breakfast, which was lovely. (Nick eschewed the egg for something else, since he only likes eggs raw in cocktails or as a baking ingredient.)

Sunday was slow. I did pretty much nothing? Aside from reading and a tiny bit of writing, obviously. It was very chilly and we did chicken a la king for dinner (with champagne cocktails for happy hour beforehand) instead of the Father's Day steaks we initially had planned.

Today we had pancakes and sausage for breakfast, which was also lovely. We did some laundry, and then Mom, Dad, and I took a walk before the two of them headed briefly to the mainland to do a bit of shopping. For happy hour Dad grilled the weird sausage-stuffed-mushrooms Mom bought from the local grocery on sale a few days ago (they were pretty good!), and then we had steak and baked potatoes for dinner. I had a salad; the other three had coleslaw, which I despise.

In other news, I continued to plonk away a bit at writing, and progress through reading three books at once. The writing went a little better once I figured out where I'd taken yet another wrong turn -- namely, I needed another character in a certain scene, so I had to back up and adjust my setup, which necessitated an interstitial scene which is semi-useful in letting me do a bit of character work and build tension in a couple directions -- but it's still ultimately going to crash into a necessary action scene and I still don't want to write it.

I think I will end up and then, and then, and then-ing the scene in question just to get the logistics pinned down, after which I can go back and fix up the prose and internal monologue/emotional reactions and stuff. *sigh*

This was meant to be a silly crossover. Instead, it's turned into a bit of serious worldbuilding in one fandom, with an incidental crossover element and a character arc. I do not understand my brain. *deeper sigh*

Anyway, tomorrow's plan is for me, Nick, and Dad to collectively cut down a smallish tree on the bank and make it disappear so thoroughly the Forest Service won't realize it was ever there. :)

And now, to bed, because sleep is delicious. :DDD

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