September 2nd, 2019

sun on the water

some writing stuff, some travel stuff, and some scheduling out loud

I got the bus version* of my NFE fic up by Snacky's belated 9am deadline (I was actually aiming for midnight but decided I would write better if I slept a full night and got up at 6:30am than if I tried to write coherently after just a two-hour nap starting at 8:30pm, so), and the bus version of my remix up by the actual deadline (thank you, Colorado, for being two hours behind me). So this week is mostly for editing -- both my fics and one NFE fic somebody else wrote, and which I have high expectations for based on past experience. :D

Anyway, today I drove down to NJ. It was a slightly weird drive, since I straight-up missed the exit to Dunmore and Throop where I usually get off for a bathroom-and-leg-stretch stop. So I basically drove nonstop from the NY/PA border to the Delaware Water Gap, which is not normally that long in the grand scheme of things but today I hit a whole bunch of traffic... not jams, precisely, but definitely slow-downs. And of course they started about two miles after I missed my usual mid-trip stop. *sigh*

But I made it to Madison, I raided my parents' fridge and freezer for a makeshift dinner (a microwave chicken pot pie and some box white wine; yum, I guess?), and I think my first load of laundry is about ready to come out of the dryer so I'll have pajamas to sleep in tonight.

Tomorrow I have my final session of both my Cancellation of Debt and my Vehicle Expenses tax courses, and then Susan and I plan to do some as-yet unspecified Thing in the evening. I'm thinking maybe going out for sushi? I mean, we always seem to end up with either sushi or takeout pizza, but what the hell, I like both those options. I also get to pick up and sort through my parents' accumulated mail and drop of their next stop-mail order, which I believe will take effect on Friday or Saturday. So I think the plan is as follows:

1. Get up and have breakfast.
2. Pick up mail.
3. Cancellation of Debt course at 10am
4. Editing and lunch and maybe a walk
5. Vehicle Expenses course at 4pm
6. Do a Thing with Susan, probably involving dinner
7. Water Mom's plants at some point in here

That seems like more than enough for one day. :)


*The bus version of a story is one that may not be all that you would like it to be, but that would work as something that fulfills the assignment in case you get unexpectedly hit by a bus and can't make any edits before the reveal. I think this is a wonderfully useful bit of fannish jargon. :DDD

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