September 5th, 2019

sun on the water

wherein four-day weekends are not nearly long enough *sigh*

Susan and I had dinner at a local sushi place on Tuesday, after which I had initially intended to suggest we hang out but I wound up running out of spoons and figured I should probably use the last ones to drive home and do my bedtime routine rather than attempt to Do People Things. So I suggested we meet at the duck pond (ahem, sorry, the Loantaka Brook Reservoir) and go for a walk Wednesday morning, which we duly did. It was hideously humid, but not too hot, and we walked at a reasonable pace for a bit over 45 minutes and chatted about random stuff. I then called Dad and wished him happy birthday, and did a couple rounds of the house to make sure I was packing all the random stuff Mom wanted me to take off her hands for one reason or another. And Wednesday evening, I called Nick and we caught up on stuff for a bit over an hour, which was lovely. I have the best family. ♥

Anyway, I am back in Ithaca and today at work I had A Day.

Basically I spent my morning posting ads on a local rental listing site. This should, in theory, be as simple as clicking a couple tickyboxes to reactivate our old ads, but in practice each one has to be edited and I also spent some time uploading new photos to a few and putting minimally descriptive captions on the photos (which is helpful both for ADA compliance and so we can tell which pictures to deactivate later on as we run out of certain apartment types). Then I checked in and sorted a mountain of packages, and in the afternoon Miss Cactus (on loan from the downtown office) and I led about a hundred people on five apartment tours, one every half hour. Once that had cleared up, I could finally get around to processing various payments and papers that had been dumped on my desk over the course of the afternoon, and in the evening I decided to send out parking payment reminders rather than fight more ads. Oh, and I created a spreadsheet for 2020-2021 apartment tour records, which I think Miss California can start filling in on Saturday because I can already tell that I won't have any time tomorrow. (More tours, more ads, creating master hard copy parking diagrams for the 2020-2021 lease year, hopefully making more floor plan photocopies if the new paper stock arrives, handling another mountain of packages, creating a master parking spreadsheet for 2020-2021, etc.)

Hmm, what else. I'm sure I'm forgetting something... Oh, right!

Also, I took a bus to work today because the Camry started making weird noises Wednesday morning. I think it's something to do with the power steering, and my intent is to take the car in to Goodyear on Sunday since that's my first free day, Goodyear is open on Sundays, and they were very helpful when I had the dead battery issue last summer. Until then, I'll be reverting to the public transportation thing.

And now I think I shall go collapse into bed, because my feet are still screaming bloody murder and I need sleep.


ETA: The other thing I was forgetting, FYI, is that I came home to the wonderful gift of another dead mouse in the cupboard under my kitchen sink. UGH.

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