September 8th, 2019

sun on the water

car stuff, church stuff, and miscellaneous

I called Goodyear to ask about fixing the power steering on the Camry, and the guy said he doesn't do that kind of work on Sundays but if I drop the car off today or tomorrow he'll do his best to get it into the queue for Tuesday. Otherwise the first open appointment available is Wednesday.

I kind of need the car functional on Wednesday (in order to get to a Not the IRS training thing that's emphatically NOT in Ithaca), so my plan is to drive it to the shop bright and early Monday morning, then catch the #67 bus a couple blocks from the shop and ride it all the way to Collegetown. I'll have to walk up Williams St., which is a pain, but probably less of a pain than getting a transfer slip and swapping buses at Green St.

Fingers crossed they can both find and fix the problem, and that it won't cost me an arm and a leg!

(Also the Goodyear guy remembered me from the dead battery issue last summer. I guess one doesn't often encounter a car battery that lasted nearly 14 years before finally biting the dust.)


In other news, today was the first church service back on our regular schedule. It was also Water Communion day, which is when all congregation members are invited to bring a little container of water from somewhere important to us (or water that symbolizes important water) and mix it into a communal bowl while speaking a few words about what gives our water meaning. Then we boil all hell out of the results and use it for any child dedication or animal blessing ceremonies throughout the year until we start over next fall.

Also also, it was my hospitality team's first Sunday in our current four-week stint making sure the service and coffee hour run smoothly. I supplied brownies for snacks and claimed my usual cleanup/dish-washing position.


NFE fics will go live around 4pm EST! However, I will not be reading or responding to mine right away, because I took a Benadryl at church so I could eat some blueberries (they were delicious) and then another a couple hours later so I could have a BLT for lunch. So now I am going to fall into bed for a while. (Sleep is also delicious, you know. *wry*)

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sun on the water

[Rec] "I want a howling hurt" -- Chronicles of Narnia

The 2019 Narnia Fic Exchange is live! Go! Read all the stories! :DDD

But you should start with the one that a lovely anon wrote for me, because lo, it is amazing.


I want a howling hurt (5516 words) by Anonymous
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Characters: Aravis Tarkheena, Rabadash (Narnia), Aravis’s “Dead” Older Brother, Original Male Character(s)
Additional Tags: Calormen, Pre-Canon, Backstory, Calormene Wars, Brothers

Summary: Aravis doesn't wait for her freedom. Rabadash finds a brother in a strange place.


This is a response to my prompt: I would like a story in which Aravis meets Rabadash prior to the events of HHB. Maybe he comes to Calavar for some reason. Maybe they attend the same party at the Lake of Mezreel. Maybe we go a little AU and Aravis tries to follow her brother off to the western rebellions, where Rabadash is leading part of the army. There are many options! I just want to see them interact in Calormen at a time when Aravis has no reason to think ill of him, and am fine with any pretext you can come up with to make that happen.

The writer went with the western rebellion option, and the results are glorious in all the best bittersweet ways. ♥

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