September 9th, 2019

sun on the water

life is just one damn thing after another (and sometimes they overlap)

Today I got up at 6:45am (ugh) and drove the Camry to Goodyear. Then I caught a bus to work. Goodyear called around 10:15 to say they'd identified the problem -- one of the steel power steering lines had rusted straight through -- and ask if I was willing to pay X amount to fix it. I said yes, go ahead. They called back around 12:30 to say they were done and I said I'd be in to pick it up on Tuesday.

(I would have picked it up today, but Goodyear closes at the exact same time the rental company office closes, and I can't teleport. *wry*)

Anyway, work was less everything-at-once for me today, though it was more so for Mom Boss and Aunt Boss. I got through almost all my apartment photo uploads, updated our listings on yet another rental website, processed packages, dropped off tour notifications to the apartments we'll take people to see tomorrow, and so on and so forth.

I also made the unpleasant discovery that when I moved a bunch of apartment photo files over to the Z-drive (our shared/virtual office drive) on Friday, I'd effectively cut-and-pasted them instead of just copying them. Which meant that when I deleted a bunch of those files from the Z-drive on the grounds that there was no point cluttering it up with photos I'd already processed and uploaded, there weren't any copies left on my hard drive. *headdesk* In theory, they can be retrieved from either the recycle bin on the Z-drive's physical machine, or from a backup instantiation, and I have asked Mom Boss's husband (who is one of the co-heads of the Maintenance department and also our de facto IT guy for stuff that's not serious enough to call a real IT service) to retrieve them and stick them into a specific folder, but he hadn't gotten around to that by closing. I sent him an email so he'll have a written reminder, and hopefully he'll get that done by the time I'm back in the office on Thursday.

Which is opening day for the 2020-21 rental season, so it's not like I'll have time to actually do much with the files, but I will feel much better just knowing they're back where I can get hold of them. *sigh*

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