September 11th, 2019


[Fic] "The Stillness Before the Thaw" -- Chronicles of Narnia/Merlin

Summary: After the shocking reveal of Merlin's magic in the midst of a diplomatic mission to Narnia, Lucy and Peter take Merlin north on campaign against the giants. Going to war is a strange method of protection and healing, but necessity is the mother of improvisation. Crossover: Chronicles of Narnia/Merlin (BBC). [900 words]

Note: I wrote this in response to a comment [ profile] ArtificialStupidity left some time ago (*cough* three years *cough*) on Inconvenient Truths: I have to say that if you ever feel so inclined, I would read the heck out of a drabble about Merlin, Peter, and Lucy fighting giants and swapping stories around the campfire! This is not that story, but it's apparently the story I needed to write before I could write the one that was requested. Sometimes that's just how life goes. *wry*

[ETA: the AO3 crosspost is now up!]

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In non-fic-writing news, I have been working my way through the Narnia Fic Exchange archive. As always, the story quality is very high... and this year we even have two art fills, which is new and exciting! I am doing my best to comment on every fic, which is my periodic tithe to the feedback gods.

I also have the Camry back from Goodyear with its power steering once again fully functional, so that's nice.

What else, what else...?

Last night I attended my second church Board of Trustees meeting as a board member. I must remember to bring a coloring book and some well-sharpened colored pencils next time, so I'll be able to maintain concentration. I got by well enough with doodling, but doodles require a certain amount of creative thought -- one must decide WHAT to draw, after all -- which distracts from listening and contributing in a way that just coloring in somebody else's linework doesn't.

Today I've been doing some tasks around the house, and will probably do a few more this evening. I walked into town to run a couple errands. And I've been working to pare down my email inboxes, which had gotten annoyingly cluttered over the past few weeks.

I'm also thinking of poking around the Remix Madness prompt list to see if anything catches my eye. I haven't been in the best place to write for a few weeks, what with work and other stuff (hence why my email inboxes had gotten cluttered, among other symptoms), but it's always nice to play a little. :)

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