September 14th, 2019

sun on the water

wherein Liz is very tired

So, opening day was predictably crazy in the morning, but we did very badly on 6-bedroom units. This is a problem since large group units are much harder to shift later in the year, once most groups have already been established and the people looking are mostly on their own or with only one or two friends. On the other hand, we did have a lot of interest in 6-bedroom units before opening day, and some phone calls and email inquiries since then, so perhaps it's just the same tight turnaround between move-in and opening day that beat us up now causing logistics issues for prospective tenants as well. Fingers crossed.

Anyway, we did much better on 5-bedroom and 4-bedroom units, to say nothing of studios -- an unusually high percentage of studios for this early in the season -- and as of today, our 2-bedroom stock is getting quite limited as well. So, you know, bright spots!

We're tracking some more info this year than previous years -- or rather, tracking it in the moment when it's fresh -- which adds a bit more work for me and Miss California on the front end but will make our lives easier later since we won't have to reconstruct things weeks or months after the fact.

The upshot is that I'm very tired, but I managed to bake brownies tonight for church in the morning, and I have an empty container ready to collect used coffee grounds after the service, which I will then use to fertilize my vegetables. :)

And now to bed.

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