September 15th, 2019

gold chalice

a pretty good day! aside from, you know, the constant low-grade pain

Things done today:

1. Took brownies to church for coffee hour.

2. Coffee hour clean-up from 11:30am to almost 1pm, blargh. Normally it goes faster, but we had a volunteer shortage this week so I got backed up trying to do three people's jobs by myself with an occasional hand from my other hospitality team members stealing a few minutes from their own jobs.

3. Nabbed a bunch of used coffee grounds to use as fertilizer. They're currently drying on two dinner plates on my kitchen table.

4. Continued working through this year's NFE fics (which have been revealed now! my mystery author was [ profile] Starbrow!) and trying to comment on them all.

5. Took a brief nap.

6. Tried to figure out what in the seven hells I did yesterday that left my butt and thighs feeling like someone mashed them with a hammer. My current theory is that it was sitting on a chair and bending over repeatedly to lift and untangle ethernet cables from a large box. Failing that, I got nothing. Except sore muscles. I have an excess of those. *sigh*

7. Drove to Lodi for the Finger Lakes Chamber Ensemble's fall chamber concert, because I decided to treat myself to a season ticket and I deserved an couple hours of good music after the past few weeks.

8. Changed my linens and got everything set up to do laundry tomorrow after work. Probably I should have just buckled down and done the laundry tonight after returning from the concert, but I was tired and sore and there's a limit to how many Tasks I want to face in a single day.

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