September 16th, 2019


[Fic] "What Dreams May Come" -- Chronicles of Narnia/Inception

Yesterday was NFE reveal day! I wrote What Dreams May Come for [ profile] be_themoon.


What Dreams May Come: In which Susan Pevensie hires the Inception team to wake her brother from a coma. (1,650 words)


So the thing is, [ profile] be_themoon's prompts included immortal Pevensies in England, Susan & Edmund close relationship stuff, other Pevensies surviving the train crash, and crossovers -- with any fandom.

On a seemingly unrelated note, some years ago I wrote a series of Inception 3-sentence ficathon fills for [personal profile] be_themoon, which both utterly failed to stick to the three-sentence limit and wound up turning into a single unified fic. (Dreamers of the Day, if you're feeling curious.)

OBVIOUSLY I was going to write an Inception crossover with Susan and Edmund getting involved in dreamshare! The only question was what gimmick to use. My initial thought was to have them be a two-person extraction team, but I got a little hung up on how they'd get into that line of work and also what roles they'd play, so I set the idea aside for my subconscious to chew over.

A couple weeks later, I woke up one morning and knew with utter certainty that Susan and Edmund weren't dream thieves. Instead, Susan would hire the Inception crew (sans Dom and Yusuf, who are respectively retired and not interested in field work) to wake Edmund from the coma he'd been stuck in since the train crash in 1949.

After that it was just finding the time to write. :)


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But mostly I just wanted to write Ariadne being her canonical curious and observant self, and Susan being mysterious and competent and caring deeply about her family. Which I think I managed. :)

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