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04 September 2012 @ 12:44 am
[Fic] "Angst and Sparkle" -- Glee  
A tiny little comment!fic for aishuu, because she said I disagree. We need more smut. There's not enough smut. *angelic smile* I also think there's not enough vampires out there. I need more vampire and werewolves, especially ones that angst and sparkle.

I am bad at resisting perfect straight lines.

Kurt/Blaine, 150 words, completely ridiculous. (Originally posted here on quillofferings)

Angst and Sparkle

"Rachel Berry got the solo again, I got engine grease in my hair when I had to fix my car on the way to school this morning, and Carol thinks I need a hair product intervention because the shower drain clogged this morning. Life sucks and I want to die," said Kurt, as he fell onto his bed in an artfully melodramatic pose of angst. His perfect complexion sparkled slightly in the dim sunlight that filtered through the curtains.

"Technically, aren't you already dead?" Blaine asked.

Kurt glared at him.

"Sorry, sorry, that was insensitive," Blaine backpedalled. "Sorry about the hair in the shower drain, too. I told you I shed a lot after the full moon!"

Kurt's glare softened into something equally heated but less angry. "But during it, oh my god. Take me, you sexy beast!"

"What, now?" said Blaine.

"Why not?" said Kurt, smiling with his fangs exposed.

And then they had sex.


End of Story

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