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[Fic] wherein Liz is bored and willing to write on command

I am bored and attempting to stay awake. I am also, alas, out of inspiration for all my WIPs. So am I asking for prompts!

Give me a character or ship PLUS a scenario | setting | mood | line of dialogue, and I will try to write you a three sentence ficlet.

ETA: Prompts are closed! Thank you to everyone who contributed. :-)


1. lost in translation: 50 words, Dave/Jade, lost in translation. For [tumblr.com profile] missgvc (Tumblr link; AO3 version)

2. picnic at 20,000 feet: 125 words, Rose/Sollux, on a plane. For [tumblr.com profile] bramblemouth (Tumblr link; AO3 version)

3. Poor Communication: 250 words, Miles Vorkosigan & the Faceless Old Woman Who Lives in Your House, "He would have told her if she'd asked." For sablin27 (Tumblr link; AO3 version)

4. A Likely Story: 275 words, Ayakawa Yukiko being amused at the antics of Naruto and Sasuke (who are temporarily allied because they're conspiring together about something). For wistfulmemory (Tumblr link; AO3 version)

5. High Wire: 425 words, Natasha Romanova (Avengers) & Parker (Leverage) - "That is not happening." For sablin27 (Tumblr link; AO3 version)

6. Inconvenient Truths: 200 words, Arthur Pendragon & Susan Pevensie, diplomatic immunity. For [personal profile] rthstewart (Tumblr link; AO3 version)

7. The Taste of Madeleines: 350 words, Luna Lovegood, Wrackspurts and brain farts. For [personal profile] rthstewart (Tumblr link; AO3 version)

8. Perchance To Dream: 350 words, Ariadne & Arthur, favorite books. For hungrytiger11 (Tumblr link; AO3 version)

9. Going Native: 150 words, Giles, no eating or drinking in the library. For [personal profile] rthstewart (Tumblr link; AO3 version)

10. The Test of Good Manners: 425 words, Amanda and Sarek, a moment of perfect understanding. For rosaxx50 (Tumblr link; AO3 version)

11. This Is Not an After-Action Review: 375 words, Natasha Romanova & Parker, Stark's reaction to their awesomeness. Tiny sequel to High Wire. For wistfulmemory (Tumblr link; AO3 version)

12. Rattle the Cage: 800 words, Gaila/Natasha Romanoff (Trek/MCU), undercover. For [tumblr.com profile] geiszlerandgaila (Tumblr link; AO3 version)

13. Small Favors: 450 words, Ayakawa Yukiko, Kakashi, and fireworks that aren't the typical festival fireworks. For wistfulmemory (Tumblr link; AO3 version)

14. Hnaflbaflwhiflsnifltafl: 275 words, Edmund Pevensie & Lord Vetinari, comparing the intricacies of governing/spying in Narnia and Ankh Morpork. For priscipixie (Tumblr link; AO3 version)

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