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the deep moans round with many voices

Elizabeth Culmer, only a *little* bit crazy...
10 February
General Info: Elizabeth Culmer is 34 years old, female, white, asexual, aromantic, easily distracted, prone to procrastination, addicted to reading, and currently underemployed, boo hiss. Liz has short brown hair, brown eyes, glasses, a tendency to flush heavily for no apparent reason, and an overall terribly average appearance. She also has a nice smile, but people rarely manage to photograph it without making her look like an idiot.

Interests: Liz reads, writes, sings, acquires houseplants, feeds her caffeine addiction, and, when required to, can manage a reasonable imitation of a morning person. Otherwise she reverts to her natural nocturnal habits. Beyond her sporadic involvement in her local Unitarian Universalist congregation, she has no life. Since that means she has more time to read and write, you probably shouldn't bother feeling sorry for her. ;)

Formerly Liz was an innocent victim of fanfiction, but is now an active writer, most notably for Harry Potter, Naruto, Chronicles of Narnia, Angel Sanctuary, and Homestuck. She dabbles in many other fandoms, though not in any consistent fashion, and reads in even more than that. [List of fandoms removed because it had gotten ridiculous.]

Liz also writes original fiction. She's been making up worlds and stories since she was 7 years old; by this point, even if she wanted to stop, she wouldn't have a clue how to turn off that part of her mind. Someday she may work up the nerve to submit her stories to magazines and publishing houses. (It would probably help if she learned to write at a reasonable speed and to craft stories with wordcounts between 1,000 and 5,000 words, instead of always running too short or too long and taking forever to finish anything. *headdesk*)

Family: Liz has a mother, a father, and a younger sister (hi Vicky!), and loves them dearly. It probably helps that she lives several hours away from them. ;-) The rest of her family is a little weird, but generally composed of decent people. If she had more money and a regular schedule, she'd have a dog, but she's poor and works variable hours, so she doesn't. :(

Archives: In addition to her AO3 page and her Fanfiction.net page, Liz has also posted some of her Harry Potter fics on FictionAlley, which is a large fandom-specific archive. If you're interested in archiving any of her stories, she'll almost certainly say yes -- but please ask first. Until and unless she gets her own website (or gets around to fixing the internal links on her imported journal entries), you can find all her stories, both original and fanfiction, via her master fiction directory post, which has summaries, warnings, and a hopefully useful organization.

Transformative Works Policy: You have blanket permission to remix, podfic, illustrate, or otherwise play around with any of Liz's works, so long as you include a link to (or at least a mention of) her work when you post your own. Please also drop a line if you do, so Liz can come squee in your general direction and also publicize your work... insofar as a post on her own journal counts as publicity. *wry*

LJ Stuff: 1) Liz treats her friend list mostly as a reading list. This means she probably won't friend you back just because you friend her, but that is not a judgment on you, and since she doesn't friends-lock entries, it doesn't make any practical difference. 2) Liz tries to answer all comments and reviews, but she has an irregular work and sleep schedule and no computer access at work, so you may not get a response for a while. Also, any conversation past the first reply is based on Liz's amount of sleep and ability to deal with social interaction, which are not always as high as she'd like. 3) Liz doesn't bite and she has yet to get involved in any real fandom kerfuffling, mostly because it would take too much effort. She's just here for the stories -- well, the stories and the world-building, and occasional bits of intelligent analysis and meta... but mostly the stories. :)

Friend and unfriend as you wish; Liz does not keep track.